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Case Study: Pop-Up Street Food Suppliers For Workspace In London Bridge

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Written by

Bella Jolly

Brand Lead

With 10 years' experience working in brand and content for some of the UK's biggest hospitality brands under her belt, Bella takes ownership of the Togather brand. Bella's passion for the events industry shines through in her work, ensuring the stories of amazing suppliers and unforgettable events are effectively communicated through various mediums such as video, photo and the written word.

Outside of work, she can be found scrolling TikTok or enjoying a spicy margarita.

Published on Thu 25 August 2022

The Brief:

Workspace manages a number of awesome co-working spaces across central London and enlisted the help of Togather to curate a line-up of street food suppliers for their weekly lunch pop-up at their London Bridge location. Togather selected a number of suppliers to cater for the 2000+ residents of Club Workspace Leather Market and it's surrounding offices.

The Event Details

Client: Workspace

Venue: Club Workspace, London Bridge

Event type: Lunch pop-up

Number of guests: 2,000

What Did We Do?

We carefully curated a line-up of suppliers for the weekly office lunch pop-ups at the Workspace offices in London. Our line-up of suppliers covered a range of cuisines such as Vietnamese, Italian, and Mexican. Togather made sure that all dietary requirements such as vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free were catered for.

Going The Extra Mile

Togather’s management included the preparation of all the contracts and invoices, handling all necessary documentation and power requirements from the suppliers, and sharing their menus with Workspace in a dynamic document. Prior to each weekly event, Togather produced a precise day event plan, which included the management of all load-in and load-out times of suppliers.

After each lunch service, we provided Workspace with a detailed sales report which included an analysis of total sales, sales by supplier and sales by time. Throughout the period that Togather managed these pop-ups, we used this data as a point of reference to continuously improve our offering so that it best suited the particular event demographic.

What Did The Client Think?!

"Togather is providing Workspace and its customers with a fantastic service, all delivered by a great team!"

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