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The early booker throws the best party: how booking early can save you money

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Bella Jolly

Brand Lead

With 10 years' experience working in brand and content for some of the UK's biggest hospitality brands under her belt, Bella takes ownership of the Togather brand. Bella's passion for the events industry shines through in her work, ensuring the stories of amazing suppliers and unforgettable events are effectively communicated through various mediums such as video, photo and the written word.

Outside of work, she can be found scrolling TikTok or enjoying a spicy margarita.

Published on Thu 14 December 2023

The early booker throws the best party: how booking early can save you money

Imagine ticking “book 2024 Christmas party” off your list in January. You may think you’re not ready to start thinking about mince pies and mulled wine all over again - or perhaps you’re still battling a champagne-induced headache - but what if we told you you can save 30% by getting in there early?

Our peak for Christmas party bookings in 2023, as you might imagine, was between September - November - but when we looked back at the data, we saw that those customers who booked early in the year saved a whopping 30% versus those who booked at peak times. They also had a wider choice of suppliers, and got to feel the satisfaction of having it all sorted before anyone else.

One easy starting point is by locking in a venue. Of all venue bookings, those made earlier in the year saved 27%, while those last minute bookings in November and even December were more likely to be pushed to the top end of their budget. So if you already know that budgets might be tight for Christmas next year, it’s in your interest to get going now. 

Not ready to book for Christmas?

If you're not ready for Christmas just yet, summer parties might be closer to the top of your to-do list. 75% of all summer parties are booked between April and July, with that figure rising to a whopping 87% for catering bookings. By getting in early, you’ll not only ensure that you have more suppliers to pick from, you might just save some money as well.