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Mandarin Oriental x Togather: a Christmas party for hospitality pros

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Bella Jolly

Brand Lead

With 10 years' experience working in brand and content for some of the UK's biggest hospitality brands under her belt, Bella takes ownership of the Togather brand. Bella's passion for the events industry shines through in her work, ensuring the stories of amazing suppliers and unforgettable events are effectively communicated through various mediums such as video, photo and the written word.

Outside of work, she can be found scrolling TikTok or enjoying a spicy margarita.

Published on Wed 4 October 2023

As hospitality professionals themselves, the team at Mandarin Oriental know what a great Christmas party looks like. They booked high end event caterers The Brothers Supper to cater their Christmas party, and they were delighted with how it went. 

The last thing they wanted to be doing was shepherding caterers around, so they were particularly pleased that the team were able to simply get on with it and leave their party attendees to do what they do best: celebrating. 

“We were really happy with our event, everything was really efficient. The Brother’s Supper came in, set up and served everything. The team was really friendly and accommodating. The quality of the food we ordered was great and there was plenty of it.”

“They basically made a makeshift kitchen in a space that wasn’t a kitchen, so a really viable option for other companies if they have limited space for their Christmas Party."

The team were so happy with the way that their event went, they have already opened up their enquiry for this year’s party - and this year’s it’s going to be ten times bigger. We’re looking forward to it already.