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A guide to wedding flowers

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Melanie Griffiths

Content Lead

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Published on Tue 9 April 2024

At Togather, we understand that flowers are more than just decor; they're the soul of your wedding, the first thing to be pinned to your Pinterest board. They reflect your personality, set the mood, and create a backdrop that turns your special day into an unforgettable story.

The average cost of wedding flowers in the UK is £1200, but you can stick to a tighter budget and just do the basics or go all out with flower arches and elaborate flower chandeliers. Let's take a look at all the different options.


A bride's bouquet is much more than a bunch of flower. Whether you're drawn to a classic rose bouquet, an eclectic mix of wildflowers, or a sleek, modern arrangement of orchids, your bouquet is an extension of your personality and should complement your dress. And it's not just about the bride; bridesmaids' bouquets can harmonise with the wedding's theme while allowing each attendant to shine.


Buttonholes, or boutonnieres, may be small, but they carry a lot of weight. Like the bouquet, they symbolise the groom's personal style and connect him visually to the wedding's floral theme. From a single, perfectly formed rose to a rustic assembly of foliage and berries, buttonholes add a subtle, yet significant, touch of elegance. Some couples choose to also give buttonholes to members of the wedding party and immediate family - parents, siblings and grandparents - to give them an special extra little something too.

Floral arches

Imagine saying your vows under a stunning floral arch, a structure symbolising the new life you're embarking upon. Whether you opt for a minimalist design with a few strategically placed blooms or a lavish arch overflowing with greenery and flowers, this element can become the centrepiece of your ceremony, framing your love story beautifully.

Flower walls

Flower walls are the perfect way to add the wow factor to your wedding. A backdrop of densely packed flowers provides a unique setting for photos and adds an element of fairytale romance. Whether it's a selfie spot for guests, a backdrop for the ceremony or a feature wall for your reception (or you move it between the two!), a flower wall makes a bold and beautiful statement.

Table centrepieces

Table centrepieces are an essential part of setting the mood for your reception. They're not just decorations - they're conversation starters, statement pieces that bring your venue to life. From towering, dramatic arrangements to simple, understated elegance, your centrepieces should reflect the atmosphere you want to create for your guests

Other floral accents

Beyond these mainstays, there are endless possibilities for incorporating flowers into your wedding. Consider floral hairpieces, a trend that's both whimsical and romantic. Flower garlands can adorn stairways, doorways, or even the backs of chairs, adding a touch of elegance throughout your venue. Don’t forget the little ones; a petal-strewn path for the flower girl adds a charming touch to your ceremony.

Our team and the brilliant florists we work with are here to help you find the perfect floral arrangements that reflect your style and vision. We know the power of flowers and would love to talk about what you have in mind for your big day. Tell us about your wedding and we'll connect you with the best florists in the business.