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Hero image for supplier Fam Vegan
Hero image for supplier Fam Vegan
Hero image for supplier Fam Vegan
Hero image for supplier Fam Vegan
Hero image for supplier Fam Vegan
Hero image for supplier Fam Vegan
Hero image for supplier Fam Vegan
Hero image for supplier Fam Vegan
Hero image for supplier Fam Vegan
Hero image for supplier Fam Vegan
Hero image for supplier Fam Vegan
Hero image for supplier Fam Vegan
Hero image for supplier Fam Vegan
Hero image for supplier Fam Vegan
Hero image for supplier Fam Vegan
Hero image for supplier Fam Vegan
Hero image for supplier Fam Vegan
Hero image for supplier Fam Vegan
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Fam Vegan

Vegan dishes unique as you



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Every one of our suppliers is handpicked

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About Fam Vegan

Our dishes are not only unique but knowing all our recipes are 100% planted based and vegan sourced they offer a healthy sustainable meat free alternative. Our experienced and dedicated team is committed to bringing you dishes that are ethi…

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* Mini Veggie burger and tomato chutney

A textured savoury pattie served with a tangy and sweet tomato chutney

Satay tofu skewers with coriander and garlic peanut butter

Pieces of spiced tofu on skewers with roasted vegetable served with a warm garlic and peanut butter sauce

Rainbow morning rolls with coriander carrots and spring onion 

Fresh sweet julienne of carrots, asparagus and spring onions in a delicate rice paper wrap

Golden filo spring rolls with sweet chilly jelly

Bean sprouts, shallots , carrots and peas wrapped in a crispy filo pastry

Sauté sweet okra , plantain and spinach served with cornmeal gnocchi and paprika  oil.

Okra, plantain and spinach sauted with a fragrant gram masala seasoning served over light gnocchi and a woody paprika oil dressing

Sauté sweet okra , plantain and spinach served with cornmeal gnocchi and paprika  oil.

Fresh okra, sweet plantain and spinach infused with aromatic spices served with cornmeal finished with paprika oil

Aubergine and sweet potato coconut curry and wild basmati rice 

Tender aubergine and sweet potato smothered in a mild coconut curry sauce served over fragrant wild basmati rice

Balsamic glaze roasted beetroots and cous cous  salad

Balsamic glaze roasted beetroots, red onion, carrots and toasted pine nuts  over basil infused cous cous  salad finished with warmed wild garlic sauce

Courgette risotto

Ribbons of fresh courgette and creamy arborio rice sherry glazed shallot and bell pepper  finished with autumn watercress  and snipped chive

Artichoke and linguini pasta

Artichoke hearts, red pepper and broad beans over olive oil dressed linguini with fried garlic shards and crispy basil leaf

Squash masala

Seasonal squash,  beans and carrot in coconut masala sauce with coriander leaf over steamed wild  basmati

Veneer Skewers

Marinated saag veneer roasted pepper skewers over paper rice noodles with a lemon  &  spiced raita

 Medjool dates with cashew cream brûlée 

Sweet succulent medjool dates filled with a vanilla infused plant based cream 

Maple baked  pear tartini

Fresh conference pears baked with maple syrup baked in a light pastry case  

Chocolate mini cheesecake 

Rich unctuous Peruvian dark chocolate combined with a plant based cream on a light biscuit crumb base

Chocolate and raspberry  cups

Light chocolate mousse and fresh wild raspberries topped with vanilla flecked cream

Fresh Fruit skewers

A selection of fresh fruit on bamboo skewers with passionfruit and vodka coulis 

Pistachio cones

Wafer hazelnut cones filled with a pistachio crème sauce 

Mezze Platters

Falafel, a selection of fresh vegetable crudities, pickled cabbage, stuffed vine leaves, tabbouleh, flat breads, spiced chick peas, sun dried tomatoes , and variety of flavoured humuses combined to make a veritable and flavoursome dish. Please feel free to enquire for more options.


Hand made light filo pastry encasing fragrantly seasoned vegetable medley filling of potato and peas.

Jewelled salad

Chiffonade of greens and tender spring vegetables combined with bright finely diced peppers and pomegranate seeds and fruits served with a choice of dressings. Available to order please enquire for more options.

Teriyaki Tempeh

Marinaded pieces of tempeh sautéd in a teriyaki sauce and finished with a peanut dip.


We have a variety of wraps available including our popular sweet potato and kidney bean wrap as well as our potatoo and chickpea coconut curry wrap and many more all available to order please enquire for more options.


We have a variety of croquettes available with including, aubergine, sweet pea and lemon and truffle all served with a light tomato sauce.


Crisp lightly fried balls of rice filled with mozzarella and a tomato ragu - available with different fillings please enquire for more options.

Cauliflower Buffalo wings

Tender florets of cauliflower dipped and dusted in smoked paprika seasoned flour and crispy fried

Corn fritters

Kernels of sweetcorn mixed in a light herb batter

The Burger

The ultimate in vegan burgers golden homemade vegetable pattie served with tomato lettuce and onion

Vegetable protein burger

Seasoned veg protein pattie smashed avocado tomato lettuce and onion

Southern fried vick’n burger

Our homemade vegetable protein burger dusted in a southern crumb served with siracha sauce and choice of toppings

Nachos and salsa

Corn tortillas smothered in our tomato salsa and cheese sauce

Kidney bean and sweet potato wrap

Sweet potato and tender kidney beans cooked in a smoky paprika sauce served with sauces and garnish of your ch

A world of fries

Cheesy fries Golden fries smothered in our own cheesy sauce Cheesy sweet potato fries Sweet potato fries smothered in our cheesy sauce Loaded fries Crispy fries with your choices of toppings Loaded sweet potato fries Sweet potato fries with your choice of toppings Loaded nachos Corn nachos loaded with salsa and cheese sauce and toppings of choice Loaded potato wedges Southern potato wedges with your choice of toppings Plain ol’ fries Potato wedges Sweet potato fries


crunchy shredded carrots onions and cabbage dressed in a vegan mayonnaise

Korean kimchi slaw

Carrot’s coriander sesame seeds red cabbage, white cabbage spring onion bell pepper with Gochujang Korean chilli dressing

Mac n cheese

The all-time classic but with a vegan twist you will love

Christmas Menu

Vegan beef wellingtons with a tender and succulent wheat and pea-based core and a mushroom duxelles encased in crisp puff pastry. Available as main or canape Puff pastry filled with beetroots, parsnips and carrots in a rich red wine sauce topped with a savoury crumble of chestnut and sunflower seeds. Available as main or canape Roast butternut squash and spinach pie Butternut squash, carrots and sauteed spinach in a short crust pastry topped with a filo pastry. Available as main or canape Butternut, almond and pecan vegan nut roast Combining roasted butternut squash, mixed nuts, cannellini beans, cranberries and a red wine and thyme gravy. Gyozas Handmade wheat parcels filled with wheat protein, soy protein and mushrooms, paired with a soy, rice wine and lime dip. Cook in the microwave or steam. Pigs in blankets Vegan cocktail sausages wrapped in vegan bacon Chestnut and apple stuffing balls Red Cabbage Sliced red cabbage braised with Bramley apples, onions, and redcurrant jelly. Roasted parsnips British parsnips in a buttery coating with a honey, mustard, and maple dressing. Roasted potatoes Maris piper potatoes roasted with rosemary Cheese selection A delicious vegan platter of mature, smoked, mixed cranberry and crumbly French style, serve with grapes and crackers for the perfect end to a seasonal dinner Mince Pies. Packed full of spiced mincemeat and laced with brandy. Christmas cups Rich fruit cake topped cherries and a rich chocolate mousse Braised Mano and coconut cups Fragrant mango braised in Amaretti topped with a coconut and vanilla cream with a toasted coconut garnish. Grazing platter Choose 10 items from a selection including – Olives, figs, pomegranate, crudité of sugar snap peas, heirloom rainbow carrot batons, baby tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes, sweet peppers, mange tout, baby sweet corn, peach slices, grapes. Vegan cheddar, brie cheese. Pitta, crisp, tostini breads. Beetroot / garlic / sweet chilli humus. Tzatziki, tomato salsa, guacamole. Apple chutney, tomato relish. Dried apricots, walnuts, pecan nuts, almonds, sesame seeds. All served on a bed of a baby lettuce leaves

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