Grow your business in a coworking kitchen: Togather partners with Karma Kitchen

Written by Togather, Mon 1 May 2023

One of the main obstacles Karma Cans encountered when their business was in its infancy was finding kitchen space in London where all their food preparation needs could be facilitated. As a small business, they were focussing on growing their client base, cooking delicious food and ultimately growing their business. However, the team quickly realised they were spending too much of their time simply finding a kitchen to work from. This is how the idea for Karma Kitchen was born.

We are so excited to announce that we have partnered with Karma Kitchen to bring you exclusive and discounted access to flexible kitchen workspace that encompasses the full needs of F&B businesses. It’s now possible for small food businesses in London to fuel their growth by using the co-working kitchen space provided by Karma Kitchen.

Their exciting scheme means you can start thinking more about your business and less about the logistics of finding a space to work in. Karma Kitchen also take care of everything from kitchen porters to waste removal whilst using the kitchen, leaving you more time to focus on the things that matter.

And the wonders don’t stop there: as a Togather partner Karma Kitchen are offering a 20% discount on all of their services! Take a look at all the details below to find out more about how Karma Kitchen can help you to grow your business.

So how does the co-working kitchen space work?

The Karma Kitchen team build, equip and manage the spaces from kitchen porters to top of the range kitchen equipment to help you grow your business. So how does it all work, and what’s included?

  • There are eleven tailored workspaces you can select from, with a variety of different setups from individual workbenches for smaller tasks, and entire kitchens if you require more space for a large scale batch production

  • Choose from three shifts for each kitchen, each day - all of these have round the clock kitchen porters to assist you as the spaces operate 24/7

  • There are no long leases and no commitment, just a monthly rolling plan which fits around your schedule and budget

  • All generalised equipment is provided, from rationals to gastros, enabling you to begin producing with minimal effort and setup straight away

  • Product storage and desk co-working space for the admin side of life is also available in their offering

Sounds amazing! How do I sign up?

To take the next step and get onboard with the incredible Karma Kitchen, all you need to do is click on the link HERE which will put you in touch with the team - make sure you but 'TOGATHER 20%' in the subject line! Once they have your details, you’ll be set you on the member portal where you can select your package according to the hours per week you need and the amount of storage required.

Each plan is billed by direct debit on a monthly basis and you can access your invoice anytime via the portal as well as book your desired kitchen shifts.