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How to Organise Your Work Christmas Party

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Melanie Griffiths

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Published on Wed 16 November 2022

A work Christmas party is an opportunity to say “thank you” to your team for their work during the year, but that doesn't make it any less stressful to organise! Luckily, we've got a list of all the things to think about when you're putting together the details of your festive event.

Things to consider when organising your work Christmas party

Unfortunately, not all corporate Christmas parties hit the mark - we've all been at office parties so underwhelming that many guests would rather be elsewhere.

After spending time and resources to organise a work Christmas party, you would want it to be a memorable evening for your team. So, where do you start?

1. Decide on a budget

Budgeting and budget planning are the foundation of a corporate Christmas party that creates exciting memories. This involves working out detailed estimates for all the event’s costs. Your budget should clearly lay out the different areas your money will go towards to make the event a success.

There are two main ways to arrive at a budget plan. The first way is the “top-down approach,” which starts with setting out a certain amount of money. The second way is the “bottom-up approach,” which starts with working out listing your cost elements.

Top-down approach to Christmas party budget planning The top-down approach is the more popular of the two because setting out an amount helps curb overspending. Using this method, companies set aside a certain amount of money for the event. Then it's your job to stretch that money as far as possible.

Bottom-up approach to Christmas party budget planning The bottom approach works best if you don’t have a particular amount in mind. You list everything you want for the party without any regard for cost, then do your research to find out costs and add them up!

Whatever approach you use, your budget should be exhaustive, covering everything including miscellaneous expenses. Your guest list is one of the first things to consider when planning your budget. You should know how many people will attend your party because that determines how much to spend on things like the venue and food and drinks.

2. Decide on a date

One of the first things you need to do when planning your corporate Christmas party is to choose a date.

Some of the things to consider when choosing your Christmas party date include the following:

Your guests The Christmas party is an event to celebrate your team, so they should be at the top of your mind when choosing a date. You should be mindful of choosing a date that clashes with any personal Christmas plans.

The best way to avoid choosing a date that clashes with people’s personal plans is to steer clear of popular holiday dates. This is why the most popular time for corporate Christmas parties is the first and second week of December. You may consider a Thursday or Friday of the week so that you don't clash with anyone’s weekend plans either.

Venue and vendor availability If you have a particular event venue or supplier in mind, you should consider their availability. The holiday period is usually a peak time for Christmas party venues and suppliers, so your preferred option may already be booked if you leave it too late.

3. Find and book the perfect location

One of the best ways to prevent your Christmas party from becoming just another office meeting is to host it in an offsite location. Togather has some of the most exclusive venues for a London work Christmas party. Our exclusive venues include galleries, film studios, clubs, luxury halls, and more.

Stun your guests with Togather corporate Christmas party venues in the UK like:

Vauxhall Food and Beer Garden This oasis in the heart of Vauxhall is a welcome relief from the hustle and bustle of London. It comes with a modern geometric design and astroturf throughout. With a capacity to host 20 to 1,400 people, Vauxhall Food and Beer Garden is perfect for all party sizes.

Studio Spaces In the vibrant St Katherine’s Dock area of East London is this spectacular 743 sqm space. You can choose from three spaces - White Studio, Black Studio, and the Warehouse. Each one combines industrial features with elegant finishes to create a charming event venue.

Shoreditch Studios Shoreditch Studios is a dual railway arch event space. With exposed Victorian-era brickwork, high ceilings, an industrial lighting truss, a mezzanine lounge area, and more, the Shoreditch studios will add glam to your work Christmas party.

Check out more of our top London Christmas party venues on the Togather blog.

4. Choose a theme

Having a themed party is one of the best ways to create excitement for the event or liven up the party on the big day. A theme also makes decoration easier, setting the tone for how you’ll decorate. We've done the hard work for you and made a list of some possible Christmas party themes for you to choose from!

5. Decide on food & drink options

A Christmas party without food or drink will be remembered for all the wrong reasons. When it comes to the Christmas party catering experience, the setup is as important as the food and drinks served. To create more exciting experiences, you could consider street food catering, buffets or a mobile bars!

To ease your burden, Togather works with top-notch food and drinks suppliers, delivering top cuisines and drinks in eye-popping setups. Whether you want finger food or a three course meal, table service or street food catering, Togather can make it happen. We make sure that our suppliers deliver high-quality food from a whole host of global cuisines.

To top it off, our drinks suppliers can set up customisable bars indoors and outdoors, offering every drink option in exciting setups.

Ready to host a Christmas party that your workers will never forget? Tell us about your event today, and let us help you! We can find the perfect Christmas party venues and the best suppliers for you, including caterers, bars, event staff, florists, photographers, and videographers.