Corporate Events

How events can help companies retain talent

Written by Melanie Griffiths, Mon 12 February 2024

With MIT research revealing that toxic work culture was the top reason for people leaving their roles, creating a positive company culture has never been more important.

We’re not suggesting that throwing regular events is the only way to create a thriving and effective company culture, but the fact that 79% of employees state that they look forward to internal company events clearly displays the impact that regular events can have on a company’s morale and overall culture.

Company culture is ultimately about making people happy, and events are fundamentally better at generating happiness than material benefits are (according to this study from the University of Colorado), while regular social events are proven to lead to both better mental and physical health.

Events are fundamentally a great way to increase social bonds within your team and it now seems extraordinary just how outdated the phrase ‘I’m here to work, not make friends’ is. Over the next few weeks, we'll be going into detail around how employees with friends and social connections within the organisation will have increased engagement on a day-to-day basis and increased loyalty in the long-run, and how you can foster that at your own company.

For new employees who are just getting to know the business and the team, the process of building new social connections can feel long and slow, especially in a hybrid setting. Regular events provide opportunities to form connections both with their immediate teams and with the wider company – which should translate into better performance at work.

Stay tuned for more content in this series, covering how events can help you attract the right talent, make DEI more visible, improve your employer brand and celebrate your team in the ways they want! If you've got an event in mind we could help with, tell us about your event.