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Budgeting Guide For Your H2 Events

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Melanie Griffiths

Content Lead

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Published on Fri 3 May 2024

As we sail towards the second half of the year, it's prime time for companies to start planning their internal events. From festive dos to milestone celebrations, a well-planned event can boost morale and strengthen your company culture. But the key to success lies in effective budgeting. Here’s a rough price per head across six popular event types to ensure you can plan and allocate your H2 budget effectively from the get-go.

The prices below are based on a company of 100 people and are calculated 'Per Person'. Generally speaking, the larger your company is, the cheaper the cost per person so if you are larger than 100 people you can expect prices to be lower.

1. Summer party: £60-70pp

Start the second half of the year as you mean to go on! Summer parties are a great opportunity to relax and unwind and get everyone ready for the second half of the year. We’d recommend allocating a generous portion of your budget here—about £60-£70pp. Think a rooftop venue to enjoy the sun, fully stocked bar serving Aperol Spritz and a couple of summery dishes served fresh from a street food setup.

2. Office lunch: £15pp

An office lunch doesn’t need to be lavish to be effective. For just £15pp, you can bring in a street food truck if you have the space, or an internal setup if outdoor space is tight. It's a really great way to treat your team and coax people away from their desks to sit down, chat and get to know people outside of their own team,.

3. Breakfast fit for Olympians: £10-12pp

The Olympics kicking off on 26th July is the perfect excuse to bring your team together with some sport-themed treats. You could do a healthy smoothie bar to kick off the day, or coffee and sport-themed snacks and sweet treats to give everyone a much needed boost.

4. Product launch/Milestone celebration: £50pp

Launching a new product or reaching a major company milestone is certainly reason to celebrate. Assign around £50pp to make this event shine and reward your team for their hard work and dedication to reach this moment. You can host in-office to keep costs down, or find a dry hire venue and bring in your own street food catering and cocktail bar to serve both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options.

5. Wellness breakfast: £25pp

Start a morning with wellness as your theme for just £25pp - a small price to pay for a team that feels appreciated and motivated! This could include bringing in a couple of suppliers to provide a grazing table of healthy breakfast options, and a freshly made smoothie or juice to wash it all down. A great, budget-friendly way to treat your team and show you care about them!

6. Christmas party: £100-£150pp

The highlight of the corporate calendar, the Christmas party, deserves a significant budget allocation. For £100-£150pp you can cover a venue to set the scene, festive catering from 3 food trucks (most people do two savoury, one sweet but the choice is yours!), a fully stocked bar with 4 drinks per person prepaid, and Christmas-themed decorations. It’s your chance to celebrate the year's successes and foster a sense of belonging and appreciation among your team. And if you want our top tip - don't leave it until the last minute to start booking. We're already seeing some Christmas enquiries come in, and our data shows that booking before the September/October rush saves you up to 30%!

By strategically allocating your budget across these varied events, you ensure that every gathering enriches your team’s experience and strengthens their connection to your company.