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How companies can celebrate mental health awareness week

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Melanie Griffiths

Content Lead

As our Content Lead with 10 years experience in content creation, chances are Melanie's had something to do with most things you read on the platform.

A long-standing team member, she's been with Togather since the company's early days and can be found eating her way through London's food markets at the weekend.

Published on Tue 30 April 2024

This Mental Health Awareness Week, from May 13th to 19th, Togather is here to transform your workplace into a sanctuary of well-being any yogi would be proud of. On a weekly basis, your team likely spend more time at work than at home, so this upcoming week is a great opportunity for you to support your team's mental health in whatever small way you can, perhaps with a treat or some nourishment to support their well-being.

No idea where to start? Don't sweat it - we've got a few suggestions to get you started.

Pop up juice bar

Lift spirits and energy levels with a pop-up juice bar in your office - a really popular treat in Mental Health Awareness weeks gone by. A selection of freshly squeezed juices bring a healthy and refreshing break for your team, and can perk them up for the rest of the week.

Wholesome group lunch

Gone are the days of soggy sandwiches being acceptable as an office treat to show your team how much you care - nourish your team with a wholesome lunch from either a food truck or, if there's no space for one, an supplier with an indoor setup. As a bonus, bringing in a supplier encourages your team away from wolfing down their lunch al-desko to socialise and chat with colleagues over lunch, giving them an all important brain break and time to decompress in the middle of the day.

Wellness day

Celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week with a dedicated Wellness Day. Envision a day filled with professional-led (or YouTube led!) meditation sessions, stress-busting workshops, and soothing yoga classes, all tailored to promote mental clarity and relaxation.

Tea tasting experience

Invite your team to unwind with a calming tea tasting workshop. This can be a serene way to introduce different types of teas, each with their own soothing properties, such as chamomile for relaxation and green tea for enhanced focus.

Smoothie workshop

Boost morale and nutrition with a hands-on smoothie workshop. Employees can learn how to blend their own nutritious smoothies using fresh fruits, vegetables, and other superfoods, building their own concoctions to best suit their taste and needs.

With our range of suppliers, the possibilities to give your team a treat to celebrate them are endless. Get in touch if you'd like to discuss one of the options suggested here or we'd love to bring your own ideas to life!

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