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Carbon offset a wedding

With carbon offsetting, you can enjoy your special day guilt-free, knowing the emissions are balanced out by supporting worthwhile green initiatives.

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How it works

Calculate the footprint

Answer a few simple questions to determine your event's carbon emissions.

See the cost of offsetting

Our smart calculator will show you how much it'll cost to neutralise the emissions.

Fund amazing projects

Your money will go towards aiding some of the most worthwhile green initiatives across the planet.

Eco friendly wedding gifts

Forget the bamboo alternative cutlery set or the wine glasses made from recycled glass. Choose a wedding gift with an awe-inspiring impact. From as little as £120, you can offset an entire wedding and fund the world's most impactful climate projects.

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The average event creates
15 tonnes of carbon
That's equivalent to
10 flights to Australia
or the annual emissions of
3 medium-sized cars

Our partnership with Ecologi

Togather partners with Ecologi, an organisation that partners with climate projects all over the world to offset carbon emissions and plant trees. Each of their projects has been independently certified by Gold Standard, an environmental integrity body established in 2003 by WWF and other NGOs.
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Carbon offsetting projects

the mesoamerican biological corridor

Preserving the forests of the natural land bridge from South America to North America, important for species who use the bridge in migration.

planting in basawas

The Bosawas Biosphere Reserve in Nicaragua is the world's largest primary forest, and the project will reforest 535 hectares of land that has been illegally deforested.

amazon deforestation

Funding the protection of 496,988 hectares of Brazilian rainforest, a programme that so far has prevented 15,491,971 tonnes of CO2e from entering the atmosphere.

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