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A Supplier's Guide to Togather

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Written by

Josh Ebsworth

Supplier Community Manager

With 10 years of experience across the events industry, Josh, Togather's Supplier Community Manager, brings a unique perspective to his role. Having both run his own catering company and worked on event technology, Josh possesses a deep understanding of both the supplier and platform sides.

As an early Togather adopter, his insights are invaluable in ensuring our supplier community thrives.

Published on Wed 8 June 2022

Welcome to Togather’s do-it-all supplier guide. Our goal is to have thriving suppliers, and to do that, Togather needs to be making you £££ over the year. We understand that there’s a lot going on with Togather, and you’re all very busy slinging burgers, taking photos and arranging flowers. So to save you time, Togather has compiled our key insights and tips into one handy page.

Customer Demand

Did you know that we spend about £1350 on marketing each Togather supplier? That’s about 250 pints, to put it into perspective. The result of all that SEO, Google Ads and social media work on your behalf means that there’s lots and lots of customers wanting to use your services, and as shown by the green bars below, there’s more demand in 2022 than ever before!

Peak Times

When is peak demand?

No surprises here, our peak months for customer demand is May - September.

Peak Times

Getting relevant events

We’ve listened to your feedback on making your matched results as relevant as possible. We know our algorithm isn’t perfect, but by using filters in your dashboard you can get a juicy list of events to apply to at your leisure. Budgets too low for you? Try adjusting the budget filter.

Open Events Filters

Seeing too many events that don’t match what you’re offering? For food & drink suppliers, apply the preferred cuisine filter - this will show you events where the customer has specifically said yours is their favourite cuisine. Also, make sure your tags are super specific to your business - we recommend having 3-5 tags.

Manage your tags by clicking Manage your Account and then edit Your Business.

Open Events Filters

For photographers, filter by styles. Florists, by tags.

Open Events Filters
Open Events Filters


How often you quote and how your quote looks is an essential part of winning business on Togather. Quote 25 times a month and you’re 5 times more likely to get a booking. Quote 100 times a month, and you’re practically guaranteed a booking.

Supplier Guide


Customers like to meet the person behind the business so take a minute to fire off a quick message after you’ve submitted a quote to add a personal touch. Not only is this a great way to sell yourself and your services, but it dramatically increases your chance of landing a booking.

Supplier Guide

How do I improve my booking rate?

Our research has shown that our top suppliers all have a few things in common:

  1. The photos of their services, set up and products are top notch. To take advantage of our discounted photography offer, email

  2. They have over 10 reviews. You can add external reviews here.

  3. They respond to 100% of messages from customers.

  4. They show off who they’ve worked with in the past, and brag about any award wins on their profile.

  5. They quote a minimum of 25 times a month.

Any other Questions?

There’s lots of helpful information in our extended FAQs. Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Email Togather’s Community Manager, Josh with any questions - he’ll be happy to help -->