Case Study: Ripple

Written by Sophie Gill, Fri 17 February 2023

Originally coming to us for their summer party in 2022, Ripple have used Togather on a regular basis to find the best caterers for their cultural events, office lunches, and parties.

The Brief:

Ripple first approached us in 2022 looking for a unique catering supplier for their summer party.

They didn’t want to spend hours searching for caterers and wanted to make sure the food was of excellent quality. They wanted a real person to speak to, someone who could help advise on the best caterers and ensure everything ran smoothly on the day.

How we helped

Using our platform allowed Ripple to streamline the search for their event suppliers, keeping everything in one place. They received quotes from some of the UK’s best caterers, and their designated account manager was always available to advise, helping them to get quotes from quality vendors and small pop-up businesses that they wouldn't otherwise find on their own.

After their summer party went without a hitch, they continued to use our platform for other events. We’ve now helped them with 8 events, sourcing the perfect caterers for their Christmas party, office lunches, and cultural events throughout the year.

Curation of suppliers: When searching for exceptional caterers for cultural events like Lunar New Year and Black History Month, their account manager provided them with a curated selection of handpicked and diverse options, perfectly designed to fit each brief.

Saving time: Ripple found that using Togather was not only convenient, but also a huge time saver as they could easily manage all potential supplier quotes, conversations and bookings all in one place.


Some of the amazing caterers booked by Ripple:

  • Sear, Modern British Barbecue - Christmas party

  • UStick!, Authentic Chinese Street Food - Lunar New Year

  • Cally Munchy, Afro-Caribbean Fusion, The Suyapit, Afro and Caribbean food, and Mauritian Coalition, Authentic Island Flavours - Black History Month

  • Fabulously Fed, Salads, canapés and platters and Cally Munchy, Afro-Caribbean Fusion - Office lunches


“We've used Togather for several events as we often have a specific theme and style of food that we are looking for, and they are great at sending through options of vendors that can cater to our brief.

One of the awesome things about using Togather is getting exposure to lots of pop-up vendors that we would not necessarily find if we were conducting our own searches. It means we get to try out a variety of different cuisines and support smaller businesses at the same time.

Having an account manager to assist me with any queries and help me to finalise my bookings is really helpful. It saves me time as the searching is done for me, and all of the vendors appear to be of high quality and standard.”

Helen Silavant, Workplace Operations Coordinator at Ripple

Suya Pit
Fabulously Fred