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Premium Pagodas

Pagoda & Marquee Hire

About Premium Pagodas

Premium Pagodas is proud to offer stylish and practical event marquees, ideal for any outdoor party or event. Create a covered area for lounge seating, a bar or as a shaded dining area to keep your event going come rain or shine. Alone or…

Pagoda or Chinese Hat Marquee

Our pagodas are high end, highly engineered structures that come in 3m, 4m, 5m & 6m squares. Their popularity is down to being very flexible and can be completely open sided or closed but can also be joined together in multiple configurations to form custom layouts. Pagodas are often used at trade events, sporting events, exhibitions, conferences, weddings and private garden parties.

Clearspan Marquee

Clearspan marquees are expandable marquees covering wide areas unobstructed by legs and poles. Due to their construction they are used in a multitude of spaces and events where wide, unimpeded expanses are needed. We can provide units in widths of 6m, 9m, 15m & 20m expanding to lengths of up to 100m and more.

Furniture, Flooring & Lighting

In addition to Pagodas and Marquees we provide a range of furniture, flooring and lighting to enable our clients to have a one-stop-shop experience.