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Case Study: Hackney Festival Of Fitness With Virgin Sport

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Melanie Griffiths

Content Lead

As our Content Lead with 10 years experience in content creation, chances are Melanie's had something to do with most things you read on the platform.

A long-standing team member, she's been with Togather since the company's early days and can be found eating her way through London's food markets at the weekend.

Published on Fri 26 August 2022

The Brief:

The Virgin Sport Hackney Festival of Fitness is one of the most popular sporting events in the UK. The event takes place each year across a weekend in May and includes the Hackney Half Marathon on the Sunday, which brings in huge crowds of 60,000 to celebrate at the finishing line in the Hackney Marshes. Togather has been working with Virgin Sport on this event since 2017, as well as on its Oxford Half Marathon.

The Event Details

Client: Virgin Sport

Venue: Hackney Marshes, London

Event type: Sporting event

Number of attendees: 60,000+

What Did We Do?

Togather's event management team provided end-end support, which included the handling of supplier documentation and payments, and logistical operations such as overseeing load-in and de-rig. The team worked closely with Virgin Sport to ensure the selected suppliers were suitably placed on-site, and assisted with specific production requirements such as access to power and water. Togather also provided an on-site management team for the duration of the festival, to ensure the smooth running of the event.

Going The Extra Mile

Togather worked closely with the Virgin Sport team to curate a line up of suppliers to best suit the demographic. Suppliers were selected for the event based on their ability to turn around between 200-300 portions per hour, keeping queue times at a minimum whilst maintaining the Togather standard of quality. Supporting local suppliers is hugely important to the Virgin Sport team, so 50% of the selected line-up were local to the Hackney area.

Thanks to the data we collected at the event through our EPOS systems, we had unparalleled knowledge of the attendees' cuisine and menu-item preferences. We were able to learn from this data to improve the offering in to best suit this audience, resulting in a 38% increase in sales.

Our Supplier Line Up:

13x street food suppliers (inc. Antonino's Pizza & Nanny Bills)

4x dessert suppliers (inc. Hackney Gelato)

4x coffee suppliers (inc. Seriously Coffee)

3x bar suppliers (inc. Five Points Brewery)

What Did The Client Think?!

"Togather have been our trusted food and bar partner at Hackney Half since 2017 and we've thoroughly enjoyed working with them. Their team removed all the stress that delivering any large-scale event brings with it from a catering perspective. We look forward to continuing to grow both Hackney and Oxford Half events alongside Togather for many years to come."

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