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A guide to dry hire venues

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Written by

Joe Dodwell

Venue Partnerships Manager

Joe is Togather's Venue expert. Initially onboarding all of our venue partners, Joe's long-lasting relationships with some of the UK's best-hidden gems and iconic venues now mean Togather customers find exceptional event spaces which tick all of their boxes.

Joe's dedication to staying ahead of the curve keeps him at the forefront of the event industry, allowing him to identify and partner with the latest and most exciting venues. You'll find Joe at the latest restaurant or venue opening, chatting away to the owner, or tucking into the newest foodie trend.

Published on Fri 12 April 2024

What is a dry hire venue?

A dry hire (or sometimes called 'blank canvas') venue is simply a venue where you rent the space itself but nothing more. You pay for the use of a room or space, but none of the extras like catering, bar service, furniture, AV equipment etc.

What are the benefits of dry hire?

Make it your own

It's a completely neutral space ready for you to add all of your own finishing touches. The potential is only limited by your imagination with a dry hire space - if you can dream it (and your venue can fit it!) you can make it happen. It's a great way to make a space completely personal and unique to you by choosing everything from napkin colour through to style of chair and the style and type of caterer you want to bring in.

A budget-conscious choice

A dry hire venue can be a great way to stay in budget, if you have one. Stay in control of how much you spend on food, drinks, decorations etc without the rigidity of choosing from package A,B,C that you get with other non-dry hire venues.

Choose your own food and drink

Often with other venues, you're offered limited packages for catering or made to stick to a short list of preferred suppliers the venue allows you to bring in to the venue. With dry hire, the options are endless - you can bring in whoever you fancy to cater your event's food and drinks. It's another great way to personalise the event and make it completely different than any event your guests have been to before.

What kinds of dry hire spaces are there?

Any venue can be dry hire if they choose to be, but most 'traditional' venues such as manor houses and hotels tend to stick to their own chosen suppliers. Some types of dry hire venue that have become really popular recently, and make absolutely stunning dry hire spaces include:

  • Railway arches

  • Converted warehouses

  • Renovated mills or factories

  • Breweries

  • Converted theatres or cinemas

If you'd like to find an epic dry hire space for your next event, you're in the right place. We work with venues across the UK, from the iconic to the undiscovered, all ready for you to make your own. Tell us about your event and we'd love to help you find your perfect space.