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6 reasons a photographer should be on your party guest list

Written by Marie De La Teyssonniere, Wed 26 February 2020

Organising a party or family occasion can be quite a challenge. There are so many elements to coordinate to ensure your event goes off without a hitch. From DJs to drinks and food to photography, everything needs to be managed to ensure your guests will be talking about your party for months afterwards.

And after all your careful planning, you’ll want to capture every moment during the celebrations to share with your guests once the party is over. But if you're wondering if it’s worth investing in a professional photographer, here are six key reasons why you should put down your point-and-shoot and hire a pro to catch those special moments.

High-quality photos

Your nephew might try and convince you that he can produce awesome photos on his mobile phone with the aid of a couple of filters, but will the photos all be of a high-quality? The answer is almost certainly a resounding ‘no’.

Event photography is an art. A pro photographer will be able to work with you to understand the type of images you want to capture and listen to your brief to ensure they snap every important element of your special occasion.

Your photographer will also be equipped with a professional camera and access to high-tech photo editing software to deliver photos that even your camera-shy great-aunt will be delighted with.

Remember, when you

book a photographer
, it’s not just the time to come and take the photos you are investing in, but also the time is takes to edit the images too.

Photographers know what to capture

A professional event photographer who regularly documents parties and events has a keen eye for what makes a photo outstanding. They can capture those precious moments just as the birthday girl blows her candles out, or snap completely candid shots, capturing fun and memorable moments of your guests at ease that document the true story of your party from beginning to end.

If you're looking for a more posed or formal image for a family occasion, such as a christening, then a photographer has the experience to take charge and engage with your guests to produce a great group shot to show everyone at their best.

A pro photographer has the right cameras and a selection of lenses so they can shoot amazing pictures in sunlight or low light and deliver the pictures Instagram-ready without the need for filters or effects.

Enjoy your party without pressure

As the party planner, you’ll have invested time in ensuring the catering, guest lists and venue is perfect. Your ‘to-do’ list was most likely a mile long in the run up to your event, so once the big day arrives, don’t add to the stress by trying to be the hostess-with-the-mostess and the designated photographer.

Instead, reward yourself and

leaving you free to mingle with your guests and enjoy yourself in the knowledge that your party photography is in safe hands.

Get in the picture!

If you are behind the camera capturing everyone else’s fun, then you won’t be in any of the photographs yourself - and that would be a real shame after all your hard work in pulling off the party of the century. Plus, if you're going to be the star of the photos then it’s a great excuse to purchase a new party outfit!

A pro has you covered

We’ve seen it happen. You’ve delegated the official role of party photographer to a family member, who snaps away all evening only to discover after the event, that thanks to several Mojitos, they've only managed to capture the back of people’s heads and several blurred shots of the guest of honour opening the bubbly.

A professional photographer on the other hand, will have back up equipment and make sure all the images are stored securely either in the cloud or on a hard drive. And your pro photo guru won’t drink all your cocktails either. Win win!

Any excuse for another party…

Getting your professional pics back from your photographer is super-exciting. Most photographers will organise a fully edited collection of images in an online gallery from which you can choose your favourites. This also presents the perfect opportunity to host a small get together with close family and friends to view the photos with a few nibbles and a glass of wine!

Have we convinced you? Great!

If we’ve persuaded you that a pro is the way to go, then we have access to a host of

that can be booked for your celebration. Every photographer showcased on our website is hand-picked to ensure your party pics are the bee’s knees.

Togather make it really easy for you to connect with the right photographer, simply

and we’ll send you quotes from a range of top photographers. Before you book, we encourage you to speak with them and discover more about their style to get the best suited snapper for your event!

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