Case Study: Tortoise Media

Written by Laurence Jones, Thu 23 February 2023

Tortoise Media initially came to Togather to provide premium catering for the Halloween edition of their ‘Tortoise Lates’, an evening of entertainment and intellectual conversation. With a tight deadline, and any potential options requiring senior management sign-off, Togather quickly curated a range of premium grazing board and canapé suppliers, ultimately securing Bite Around the World within just six days.

Their visually stunning and culturally inspired menu complemented the event's sophisticated atmosphere. Togather's personalised service and efficient supplier sourcing has made us the go-to choice for Tortoise Media’s event catering, and led to many more bookings for their event series.

The Brief:

Togather was approached by Tortoise Media to cater for their Halloween edition of ‘Tortoise Lates’, which promised to be a night of entertainment, interviews and thought-provoking conversations in their studio.

They were looking for premium catering options to complement the event's sophisticated atmosphere, and also required quick turnaround as all options needed to be presented back to senior management for sign-off.

How we helped

Curation of suppliers: Togather curated a range of premium grazing board and canapé suppliers for the Tortoise Lates event. Bite Around the World was chosen for their visually stunning, deliciously diverse and culturally inspired menu.

Quick turnaround: Due to all catering options needing to be signed off by senior management, their dedicated Togather account manager worked quickly to provide a range of quotes for them to choose from. Within just six days, Tortoise Media booked Bite Around the World, the perfect supplier for the job. Having an account manager alleviated a lot of stress, and ensured a smooth event planning process.

Repeat booking: Togather's personalised service and efficient supplier sourcing led to repeat bookings with Tortoise Media. Their Togather account manager quickly matched all their requests with suitable suppliers, ensuring a stress-free event planning experience. Tortoise Media went on to book three additional events and have more in the works, cementing Togather as their go-to choice for event catering.


Some of the suppliers booked for the Tortoise Lates series included:

Bite Around the World

Bite Around the World

Beautiful grazing boards with flavours inspired from South East Asia, Britain and the Mediterranean.

Chrissy’s Kitchen

Chrissy’s Kitchen

High quality seasonal canapés that are both delicious and impeccably presented.


"We set up our first event enquiry with Feast It back in October for our Halloween edition of 'Tortoise Lates' - a ticketed evening of entertainment, interviews and intellectual conversation in the Tortoise Studio. We required quite a short turnaround for some premium grazing board and canapé options. We got a quick range of quotes and confirmed our first supplier Bite Around the World within 6 days.

We were very pleased with the suppliers' service and the platform's booking experience. Our Account Manager, Erika, has always been quick to match exciting suppliers specific to our requests, and liaise between ourselves and the supplier.

We have since booked a further 3 events through Togather, with an enquiry currently open - the platform is so helpful in quickly and efficiently sourcing food for our events!"

Lydia Casey, Event Executive at Tortoise Media

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