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Closing deals: unleashing the power of urgency, FOMO, and speedy comms

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Josh Ebsworth

Supplier Community Manager

With 10 years of experience across the events industry, Josh, Togather's Supplier Community Manager, brings a unique perspective to his role. Having both run his own catering company and worked on event technology, Josh possesses a deep understanding of both the supplier and platform sides.

As an early Togather adopter, his insights are invaluable in ensuring our supplier community thrives.

Published on Mon 24 July 2023

Have you sent out a quote and have a customer chatting happily away with you? Good. Now, the next step is sealing that deal. This involves a strategic combination of stressing urgency, creating a fear of missing out (FOMO), and establishing personal connections through timely communication. Here's a comprehensive guide on mastering these elements to close deals like a pro:

Book that call through the platform

Personal connections matter more than ever. Avoid the endless back-and-forth of messaging, and instead aim to get your client on the phone as soon as possible. A direct conversation allows you to establish rapport, understand their needs, and address concerns effectively. Demonstrate your genuine interest in their event’s success, and be well-prepared to showcase your expertise. Taking the initiative to communicate directly shows your commitment and professionalism.

Stressing urgency

Emphasise that your availability is a scarce resource, especially in peak seasons. Urgency compels clients to act swiftly, fearing the possibility of losing out on a valuable opportunity. We'd stay clear of exaggerations though, as clients may well see through them.

Evoking fear of missing out (FOMO)

FOMO is a powerful tool: people crave exclusivity and hate feeling left out. To leverage this powerful emotion, showcase the uniqueness of your offerings. Share success stories and testimonials from satisfied clients, highlighting the outstanding results they achieved by booking with you. Make them feel like they can't afford to miss out on what you offer.

Building Trust and Rapport

Closing deals is not just about the sale; it's about building lasting relationships. Take the time to understand what exactly your customer is looking for and their priorities for their event. Tailor your quote to demonstrate how your solution precisely meets their needs. Transparency, honesty, and reliability are key elements in cultivating trust. By becoming a trusted partner, you increase the likelihood of closing deals and securing repeat business.

Handling Objections Gracefully

Anticipate potential objections or questions and be prepared to address them with empathy and understanding. Addressing concerns in a respectful manner demonstrates your commitment to finding mutually beneficial solutions. Be open to feedback and adaptable, ensuring that your clients feel valued and heard throughout the process.