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Festival pitches | How much do they cost?

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Published on Wed 10 May 2023

Whether you've just started out in your street food venture or you want to take your business to the next level, you might be asking yourself "how much does a festival pitch cost?"

We've seen prices start from around £500 for smaller festivals and go up to about £15,000 for events like Glastonbury, so unfortunately there's no definitive answer. Thankfully, our team of experts and our community of suppliers have worked at hundreds of events, and they're here to give you expert advice on what determines the price of a festival pitch.

Festival pitch

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Different pricing models for pitch fees:

Fixed trader fee: This is the most common way organisers will charge - the fee is determined by the variables such as pitch location, size and the type of product you serve. The trader will pay a one-off pitch fee to secure their spot.

A percentage of sales: An organiser will ask for a percentage of your overall gross sales. For the festivals we’ve been involved in, this fee is usually around 10-15% of your sales but some of our suppliers have reported fees of up to 30% at other festivals.

A percentage of sales + fixed fee: This is definitely the most unusual pricing model but arguable best for spreading the risk between organiser and supplier as fairly as possible.

The supplier will pay a fixed fee upfront plus a percentage of the sales, usually between 3-10%. It works well since the final price is determined by what you sell but the organiser is guaranteed an upfront payment.

What influences the cost of a festival pitch?

Pitch size

The size of the pitch will determine the cost. Smaller and cheaper pitch sizes typically start at 3x3m and are suitable for a business run from a stall or small vehicle. Bigger and more expensive pitches are suitable for a burger van or street food truck.

Festival signs

Pitch location

Event organisers will always consider the location of your pitch when determining the price. If you’re pitched in a high traffic area, like near the main stage at a festival, you’ll pay a premium for that spot.

Your product

If your product is likely to sell in high volumes, like the more popular hot food stalls, you might be charged more for your pitch than a business selling more targeted products like smoothies.

If you’re bidding on a pitch and the type of product you sell favours a lower pitch price, don’t be afraid to make a case for it if ever you find yourself negotiating on the cost of a pitch.

How new the festival is

If a festival is new on the scene and building its reputation, its pitch cost will be much lower than that of a prestigious and well-known event.

Pitches are often won by bids so there’s room to haggle on price but be realistic. Work out your operating costs in advance of making a bid so you know what’s reasonable. For guidance on how to do this, you can read our guide to festival catering.

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