Five minutes with Monsieur Bou

Written by Bella Jolly, Tue 2 January 2024

Monsieur Bou was born and raised in Lebanon before travelling and living across the Mediterranean. His approach is to revisit traditional recipes, using local ingredients and a whole lot of experimentation to bring a taste of Mediterranean warmth to your table. We grabbed five minutes to ask him five quickfire questions. 

Favourite thing on your menu?

Chicken Msakhan parcels are my favourite dish, but they are rarely on the menu because they take a lot of time and effort to make. They are made with chicken and onion cooked in olive oil and sumac, wrapped in pastry. I also really enjoy the spinach dip and the whole roasted cauliflower.

Favourite comfort food?

Nothing beats my mum’s stuffed courgette, but I only get to eat it when I visit her twice a year. So, my go-to is chicken and pasta bake.

What’s your favourite restaurant to go to?

I love Smoke and Salt and Berenjak. I have been a fan of them way before their respective bibs.

Most memorable moment from running your business?

I love seeing customers relax and smile after tasting my food. They usually look scared before they try it, like they are about to sit a math test. But then they bite and go “mmmmm”, I know I made someone happy.

If you could only use one seasoning for the rest of your life, what would it be?

This is like asking a parent who is their favourite child. I will have to go with Sumac. Its tangy and fruity flavour that goes well with many dishes. Zaatar is not really a spice, but a mixture of herbs and seeds before anyone comes for me.

Try the likes of Shawarma brisket, garlic confit labneh, harissa cauliflower and Jerusalem breadsticks from Monsieur Bou at your event in 2024.