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How Much Does It Cost To Hire An Ice Cream Van?

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Saffy Dean-Stone

Sales Executive

With 3 years of sales experience in F&B and events, Saffy is on hand to make sure our customers pick the best suppliers for their event. Her in-depth knowledge of venues, food and drink suppliers, photographers and more ensures customers receive expert recommendations tailored to their event's unique requirements.

Published on Tue 11 July 2023

Are you ready to add some sweet, delicious nostalgia to your event? Whether it’s a charming, classic 60's Bedford van for your wedding, or innovative ice cream rolls for a company event, we work with some of the best ice cream suppliers in the country. But before you book, you might be wondering how much does it cost to hire an ice cream van? Don’t fret, we’re here to help.

The answer to this question depends on a number of factors. From the event type and the number of guests, to how many servings each guest may want, the time of year, the location and the menu items you want to serve.

Event type and number of guests

Let’s talk about the event type and number of guests first. An ice cream van for a company do may be required to serve a larger number of attendees in a given day or timeframe, resulting in higher staff numbers required. By contrast, if you’re looking to book for a wedding for example, there is likely to be fewer guests and a more relaxed pace, meaning you may only need one or two people to man the van.

When considering the number of guests, you should work out the total number of expected guests and as well as servings per person when calculating the total number. In some cases, you may want to account for guests having multiple servings - sometimes ice cream is just too delicious!

Time of year

When it comes to the time of year, naturally summer time, especially the very height of summer in July and August, ice cream van hire is usually more expensive due to the incredibly high demand! If you have your heart set on an ice cream truck hire for your event, we do sincerely recommend that you book this as early as you possibly can to avoid disappointment - our most popular vans are often completely booked several months in advance.

Event location

Another factor that influences the cost of hiring an ice cream van is the location of your event. For events in central London or other high-demand areas, you can expect to pay slightly more. This also holds true for areas that are a very long drive away from the suppliers base - owing to fuel costs! Alongside fuel, it is always important to try and factor in other costs such as ULEZ chargers, toll charges or similar. Though, booking with Togather, you needn’t worry so much about this one, as our expert team will always endeavour to match you with a supplier in your local area.

Menu choices

Finally, your desired menu can also have an influence upon your total hire costs. Ice cream suppliers can have an incredibly diverse menu - you can go for traditional ice creams and cones, modern takes on classics, weird and wonderful flavours, ice cream rolls, sorbets, toppings and sauces - the list goes on! As you would imagine, the more diverse and expansive the menu options, the greater the cost, whereas the simpler the options, the more cost effective!

So, the all important question - how much does it cost to hire an ice cream van for your event?

Taking all of the above into account, you can expect to pay around £7-£10 per head, based on an event of 100 people. This can of course vary, so if you are considering hiring an ice cream truck for your next event, wedding, party or celebration, please do get in touch with our team of event experts as they will be able to match the best suppliers for your event.

We only work with the UK’s most talented ice cream suppliers so you can be confident of quality no matter what your budget may be! Get started with us today and fill out our enquiry form! Looking for savoury options? A big burger fan? Check out our all inclusive guide on how much a burger van hire will cost!