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How to deal with complaints

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Melanie Griffiths

Content Lead

As our Content Lead with 10 years experience in content creation, chances are Melanie's had something to do with most things you read on the platform.

A long-standing team member, she's been with Togather since the company's early days and can be found eating her way through London's food markets at the weekend.

Published on Mon 24 July 2023

Naturally, we have no control over the quality of the service you provide to our mutual customers, we simply trust that you’ll deliver the best you can. 

As a result, whilst we recommend that you let us know immediately so that we’re prepared to support you where possible, in the unfortunate event of a complaint arising, we do expect our partners to attempt to resolve the issue directly with the customer first in a kind and professional manner.

If, after your best attempt at resolving the problem at hand, the issue needs to be escalated, we’ll step in as a last resort to communicate with both parties. This is just one of the reasons why we advise keeping as much of your conversation with the customer on the platform as possible, to allow us to understand the situation as best we can and avoid any tricky “he said, she said” situations. 

We’ll always endeavour to support our partners, and If necessary we’ll be on hand to provide advice and recommendations on how best to compensate a disappointed customer. As we hold payments in a secure account, we’ll usually aim to agree to any refund amounts in a timely manner, to ensure that you’re still paid fairly and on time.