What do I do if a customer wants to book me directly?

Written by Seb Southwick, Mon 24 July 2023

As a marketplace, we fully appreciate that every now and again customers will think it's in their interest to continue or complete a booking off platform, directly with the supplier. While we take actions to limit these situations, such as restricting the ability to share email addresses and phone numbers in messages, we cannot catch everything. We rely on our supplier partners to help steer things back in the right direction and ensure each booking is completed on Togather. 

What sort of messages might you get?

  • “Thanks for the quote - can we continue this via email?”

  • “Hey - I’ve just messaged you on instagram, let’s talk on there instead” 

  • “Can I have your bank details, I’d prefer to pay directly with you”  

How to respond.

All you need to say in reply is something along the lines of “Apologies, as you found us on Togather I’d prefer to continue the booking on here”

Redirecting bookings does not go unnoticed. We prioritise those who help us out for the biggest and best jobs.